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So let’s find out 10 most important factors of having a website for any business or company.

  1. Acquire New Customer Base

Well, you might have some customer list at the very start of business. But very soon you may realise that it may get exhausted pretty fast. What do you need here? It’s very evident – “New customer base”.

A business website is the top notch tool in attracting new customers who might be totally unaware of your business. Customer search about their requirements in the form of different keywords. Keywords such as plumber, electrician, furniture shop, scooter mechanic, etc. How nice it would be to rank on the very first page of any search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing!There are many ways to rank your website on the first page of the search engine, but the first rule is to have a website.

  1. A Website builds Trust and Rapport

It is very well said, “First impression is the last impression”. A beautiful website showcasing your product and service offering in the most efficient way creates a lot of value and trust in the eyes of a customer.

You can even showcase testimonials and reviews on your website. Believe it or not, people trust if they see authentic reviews and testimonials on your website.

There are many startups with great looking websites. The moment you go there, you get stuck and feel an urge of surfing through all its pages. Happy customers always love to share such things via social media or email referrals. More sharing means more traffic and hence more conversion on revenue or customer base.

  1. Affordable Marketing

You can very well market your product with ease on your website. Showcasing new product offers and running a promotion is damn easy on a website. Also, you may not have to shed a single penny on any of such promotions.

Somebody may ask you – why take the pains of running a website when you can easily market your product or service on different social media platforms?

Yes, you can but then running Ads on any digital platform such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc. costs a lot of money in the form of post reach or pay per click (PPC). On the other hand, a website does not require an extra budget for marketing

.I am not at all diluting the importance of social media or for that matter any other platform, but I am trying to focus on things which we could control at our will. Later on, if you have a budget, then social media marketing could complement the importance of website.

  1. Sell your Product/Service Online on your Website

Setting up an online e-commerce store is a quite a breeze on a website. I must admit that when it comes to going personally to any storefront, then I am so lazy! Whereas I love shopping online since there are so many options available and moreover it’s convenient and comfortable.

Also online deal tempts you to make an instant decision. It is my experience that people often change their decision when it comes to shopping later from a storefront.

  1. A website makes you available 24×7

Especially small business or startup does not have the luxury of keeping 24×7 customer care hotline number. And practically you cannot be online 24×7 to take customer’s call or enquiry.

But a website can make your business presence 24×7 and 365 days without your manual intervention. Your client can easily look into your services, product offerings, testimonials, etc. They can even contact you via “Contact Us” page without even opening their mailbox.

  1. Local, National or Global presence

You might be doing great in your domestic market but will it not be great to have a national or international presence? There are many hidden benefits of national or global presence. Any small business or startup biggest challenge is long-term capital funding.

A better-ranked website could attract the attention of many investors or someone interested in your business franchise. You have to out of your local geographical boundary to gain more investors and partners.

But, if you are running a blog or media house, then it could be a good idea to look for the global audience. The global audience always comes in handy in increasing website traffic. Increased website traffic, in turn, could rank your website higher on search engines.

  1. Target Particular Customer Segment

A client has become very specific in their needs. They might not be interested in all of your product offering but some of them. But the question is “How you will come to know, what’s your customer interest”?

Some may suggest of conducting customer survey with the help of a questionnaire. But who has time to fill in all details? Contrary, it is too much of work for business owner also, since he has to feed in all these details into some kind of tool for analysis. I never trust this kind of survey since it could be rigged or falsify before it even reaches you.

Email marketing comes in rescue for this kind of requirement. There are several companies like Mail Chimp, Aweber, etc. providing email marketing services.

  1. Website building is accessible and affordable

Technology has evolved a lot. There are tools available in the market which can simplify any conventional process from tough to easy.

You do not have to be very technical or coder to build a website. When I started my journey a few years back, I was a novice in making a website. But thanks to CMS (content management system) platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc. which made my journey as easy as a cake walk.

  1. Encash Mobility

Statistics show that more than 50% of the Google searches happen on mobile than desktop. It’s a 4G world, and I won’t be wrong if I say almost 100% of the mobile-using population uses a smartphone. Will you not be interested in tapping this opportunity?

  1. Outsmart Big Players

If you are a new business, then it does not mean that you require ‘n’ number of years to beat your established competitors. If you have a website, then you could work on various digital marketing techniques to rank higher on search engines.

This may sound overwhelming but require a lot of hard work, good plan, and patience. But this is quite achievable in a short span of time. It may take months but not necessarily years.

-Conclusion –

Essentially each and every business should have a website. If you do not have one, then you are for sure missing the big picture.

This said, your business should not have a website for namesake. Having a sloppy website is even worse than having no website. It projects the wrong impression about your business.

Keep your business website updated with new information and content. It should look professional and classy. Invest some time and money. Believe me; it’s worth more than you could imagine.